Welcome to the home of the Hiirul Forest Free Elves, The World-Trees.

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In late Winter of the year 3685 in the Age of Gods, a small band of young elves set out from the World-Trees into the deeps of the Hiirul Forest.
Forest in winter
Each had his own aspirations: to defend the forest land at all costs; to slay any orcs who dare trespass in the Forest; to protect his elven brethren, in the name of Moah; or to simply explore lands unseen, driven by curiosity and lust.
Hot elves did not know
Guided by the treant Great-Limb and the village elder Duiraith, this group of young elves set out on a path to become Free Elves, venturing further and further away from their treetop home into lands of savagery and conflict…
Elves curious

The Free Elves of the Hiirul Forest

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