Village Elder of Alabethe (Qi'enic)


Slight of build, stoop-shouldered, and gray-haired; his eyes are not as clear and sharp as they used to be, but they are very observant.


Duiraith (doo-EER-ray-ith) is a much-loved Village Elder living in Qi’enic. The old elf is a sociable reveler and a good listener, and he enjoys sharing his wisdom with younger townsfolk while puffing on one of his many pipes.

Though he often encourages the youth to explore the outside world, he rarely ventures out anymore, preferring the comforts of Alabethe and its many friendly womenfolk. He is quick to caution those who would sacrifice their lives and well-being for abstract ideals, as the humans are wont to do.

Duiraith dwells in a cozy, cluttered tree-home, and his sagely specialties include potions, medicines, herb-smoking, and history.


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