Tall and muscular. Long brown hair and grey eyes. Pale skin. Sülyrin is strong and agile but has a weak lung, getting winded after brief exertion.


Sulyrin has a bold voice and a quick temper, and that, along with her fixation on orderliness and routine, make her a misfit amongst average elf women. With her stature and prowess, she holds herself apart from other females, preferring to test her admirable skills against men. She fights fiercely with her double blades, though she does not endure long against a tough foe. Lately Sülyrin has begun tracking rare creatures in the forest alone and trying to bring them back on her own.

She was recently saved from kobolds by a group of aspiring Free Elves. Of that party, two close friends, Lulloch and Therran, have been vying for her affections; but it seems she has been falling more for the serious, taciturn Therran rather than the flighty, carefree Lulloch.


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